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As you know, I enjoy sharing my painting processes online on youtube and social media. With my own journey in painting night cityscapes— usually using high contrast to create a “glowing” effect—I've always wanted to share with others what that process is like, to show the versatility of this medium and that yes, this is also possible with watercolor!

This is why I created my painting online class. I hope that others can experience and give painting nightscapes a try.

I am happy to be expanding and sharing these painting classes with more people online. Whether you are situated overseas, or have not been able to make it to one of my local in-person workshops in the past, I hope you will join me here.

This is a self-paced, on demand online class hosted on Teachable. In this class, I will breakdown the step by step process on how to paint this exact watercolor painting.

Watch the introduction video for my online painting class here.

This class is structured to provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide that takes you through each lesson step by step. That way, you can easily follow along and recreate this painting together.

Part 1: Getting Ready
We will begin by introducing the tools and materials used for this class. I will detail what I use specifically, as well as provide alternative recommendations for you. Then, we will spend some time looking at our reference photo. We will learn how to crop, simplify and transfer what we observe in the photo onto our own composition.

Part 2: Drafting
Afterwards, we will prepare the sketch together with pencil. I will also show you how to use masking fluid as part of this preparation process.

Part 3: Painting
Then we will dive into the painting process. This is split into 7 parts. We will use different techniques such as painting wet on wet, and with a dry brush. Breaking down the process slowly, you will get to see the whole painting process from multiple angles while I explain the techniques in voiceover. We will paint this layer by layer together, until we have our finished painting.

Watch the introduction video for my online painting class here.

Watch the introduction video for my online painting class here.

I look forward to sharing my art process with you.
You can enroll today for 35USD and get instant access to the class.

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