Solo Exhibition by RAINB.W (Rainbow)

Presented by JCCAC
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre 
Exhibition period:
11:00am-7:00pm (Monday to Sunday)

PMQ 元創方
S507 5/f Block A,
35 Aberdeen Street,
Central, Hong Kong


Through ordinary and familiar depictions of landscapes and cityscapes in paintings, Before Dawn is a contemplation on the natural cycles of endings and new beginnings in our day to day life. The darkest hours in the night precedes the rise of the sun in a new day. In this collection of paintings, we come to experience the atmosphere of the eleventh hour, the feelings associated with the transition from night to day.

本次展覽題目為晨光之前。通過 繪畫對風景和城市景觀的平凡而熟悉的描繪,晨光之前是對我們在日常生活中對結束和新開始的自然循環的沉思。 夜晚最黑暗的時刻就在新的一天太陽升起之前。在這個 展覽的作品中,我們來體驗晨光之前, 從深夜到白晝的過渡帶來的感覺。

Browse the paintings exhibited at Before Dawn, art exhibition at PMQ.